Jeti Universal Magnetic Switch.

Jeti Universal Magnetic Switch.

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Model/Varenr.: JMS-MSW
Lagerstatus: 1 på lager

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Weight [g]: 11

Dimensions [mm]: 45 x 26 x 11

Recommended input voltage [V]: 3.5 ... 59

Idle current [µA]: 70

The Magnetic switch is an electronic switching device designed to be used as a switch for JETI model products. A big advantage of electronic switches in comparison to mechanical switches is that, in general, electronic switches are highly resistant to vibration. Also, virtually an unlimited number of ON and OFF cycles is guaranteed with an electronic switch. Because electronic switches have no mechanically movable elements, contacts etc. to wear out, an extremely long service life is another important feature. Unlike with mechanical switches, electronic switches cannot be unexpectedly or falsely tripped.