Lemon DSMX Spektrum kompatibel PPM 8-kanals

Lemon DSMX Spektrum kompatibel PPM 8-kanals

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Lemon DSMX Spektrum kompatibel PPM 8-kanals modtager med satellit.

Model/Varenr.: LM0007
Lagerstatus: 5 på lager

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8 Channels Receiver (PPM output)
Number of Channel: 8
Modulation: DSMX
Band: 2.4 GHz
Dimension: 25(L) x 35(W) x 8(H) mm
Weight: 2.8 gram
Voltage Range: 3.45 - 7.2V

Setup Instruction

Note: It is highly recommend user to enable FailSafe. Some copters' controller does not have fail-safe system implemented. At the case where the quad copter has flown very far away from the transmitter (eg. 2 km away from transmitter for Aerial photography application), RF signal may have faded due to far distance. FailSafe allows the receiver to output default signal when signal is lost to keep the quad copter flying until signal is recovered again.

Binding Setup
1) Plug bind plug to the receiver.
2) Provide power to the unit.
3) Enable bind mode in transmitter and ensure distance separation of 2 meters from receiver.
4) Upon successful binding and if FailSafe do not wish to be set, remove bind plug upon binding.

Failsafe Enable
1) Ensure that transmitter and receiver are turned on.
2) Insert bind plug into the receiver (Note: to set failsafe, bind plug is applied only when the receiver is turned on).
3) Set transmitter controls to the desired failsafe positions.
4) Press the side pushbutton to memorize failsafe settings.
5) Observe that the green light at the end of the receiver turns on to indicate failsafe is set. (Repeat step 4 will cause the LED to turn off which means failsafe is disabled).
6) Remove bind plug.
7) Disconnect the power for at least 2 seconds and then reconnect the power again.
8) Test failsafe by turning off the transmitter.

Failsafe Disable
1) Rebind the receiver without pressing the side FailSafe button will disable the Failsafe mode.
2) Green light off indicates Failsafe disabled.
Pulse Sequence
The PPM pulse sequence is in the following order:
Throttle Aileron Elevator Rudder Gear Aux1 Aux2 Aux3

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