Motorsæt FunCub

Motorsæt FunCub

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Motorsæt FunCub til 3S LiPo batteri.
Model/Varenr.: 332649
Lagerstatus: 1 på lager
Motorsæt består af følgende:
■Himax C 3516-0840 brushless motor # 33 3022
■MULTIcont BL-30 S-BEC speed controller # 7 2289
■13” x 4” propeller # 73 3114
■Driver for 5 mm Ø shaft, propeller hub bore 6 mm Ø # 33 2315

Anbefalet batteristørrelse: 3S 2200mAh.

The right set-up is the key to success!
Designing the optimum power system involves selecting each individual component with great care: too weak a battery, the wrong propeller, not quite the right motor - and the model’s performance simply collapses. MULTIPLEX power sets consist of components which have been thoroughly tested. They are perfectly matched to each other, and guarantee maximum flying pleasure!

The advantages:
No need to gather individual components, no need for tedious adjustments and testing procedures. A MULTIPLEX power set is your short-cut to the success you want, and great experiences at the flying field. MULTIPLEX power sets consist of the following high-quality components:
* Himax motors,
* Li-BATT batteries,
* MULTIcont speed controllers,
* Carefully matched propellers
* and a consistent connector system.

FunCub” power
High-performance brushless power set for the FunCub model aircraft. This motor set makes the model capable of extremely short take-offs andvertical climbs, while the huge propeller ensures ultra-short landings and ultra-slow reversals. Current drain with 3S LiPo and supplied propeller: approx. 23 A
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