Dualsky-130A-HV-ESC Version 2, børsteløs regulator.

Dualsky-130A-HV-ESC Version 2, børsteløs regulator.

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Model/Varenr.: 41409
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The new designed 2nd version software and hardware have many new features.

Supports all motor types up to 210,000 rpm(2 Poles motors).

Extremely low resistance, factory high quality MosFETs, for high current usage.

Dualsky Governor Mode(DGM) ready.(40-90A)

Adjustable cut-off, either motor stop or reduction in power.

DLBM on/off - Dualsky Linear Brake Mode. Brake strength can be adjusted by transmitter when switch on.

Full protection features including: Low voltage cut-off, Over heating protection, signal loss auto cut-off.

Normal, Soft or Super-Soft start up modes available, for both fixed wing and helicopter setups.

Smooth and accurate throttle control throughout the range.

Throttle digital signal sampling, compatible with the signal frequency of 14 msNormalmode and 7 ms high-speed mode (HS Mode).

Throttle range can be re-calibrated, so suitable for all brands of transmitter.

Fully PC programmable when used with Dualsky USB link(#45525).

Compatible with programming card(#45200) for easy re-programming at the field!

6A–30AStable linear BEC power supply, support up to 3S Lipo.

40A–80AUBEC switching power supply, support up to 6S Lipo,3A, easily support 4-5pcs of standard Digital Servos.

100-130AControl signal  applied OPTO technology, eliminate the interference from high voltage to the control system .(100-130A)


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