Spektrum SPM4650 DSMX™ SRXL2 seriel mikro modtager, 2,4GHz.

Spektrum SPM4650 DSMX™ SRXL2 seriel mikro modtager, 2,4GHz.

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Model/Varenr.: SPM4650

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Antenna Length: 100mm

Bind Method: Bind Button

Channels: 18

Data Port: Yes

Failsafe: No

Flight Log Compatible: No

Height: 5mm

Width: 13mm

Length: 17mm

Weight: 1.4g including antennas

Input Voltage: 3.3 - 8.4V

Modulation: DSMX

Range: Full

Telemetry: No

Type: SRXL V2

What's in the Box?

(1) SPM4650 Receiver

(2) U.FL Antenna

(1) 6” Receiver Extension Cable

(1) Product Manual

Clear Heat Shrink Wrap


SRXL2 Technology

Small, Lightweight and Perfect for the DIY Enthusiast

Wide Voltage Input Range

Fly-By Telemetry

Dual Diversity Antennas

Bind Button installed for Easy Binding


The SPM4650 DSMX SRXL2 Serial Micro Receiver takes the original SPM4648 receiver and adds more value, functionality and fly-by telemetry, while decreasing the size and weight of the already micro sized Spektrum serial receiver. The SPM4650 uses our feature-rich SRXL2 protocol to give pilots a blazing fast serial data connection with up to 20 channels. SRXL2 is a powerful communication protocol that improves bi-directional communication between the radio system and flight controller for added telemetry functionality and flight control configuration right from the pilots Spektrum Transmitter*, all over one signal wire.

The SPM4650 is small, lightweight, and customizable, providing an excellent receiver for even the smallest of applications. It also features a simple bind button so pilots no longer need to carry a separate receiver or bind plug to bind. Dual antennas provide receiver diversity for solid signal and the long coax antennas help to provide maximum signal strength in all orientations for challenging installations where carbon fiber, metal and batteries shield the antenna. And with Spektrum DSMX 2.4GHz RF protocol the Spektrum SRXL2 Serial Micro Receiver provides remarkable range and interference free performance.

SRXL2 Technology

The next iteration of Spektrum SRXL Technology * is here! SRXL2 Technology is a communication protocol between receivers and devices such as Multi rotor flight controllers, Helicopter Flybarless units and other receivers. SRXL2 is faster, more data rich, and more secure. It also allows for bi-directional telemetry support, giving users more access to telemetry features from their devices and even allowing setup and configuration right from their transmitter. No computer or smart device required! ** Want to learn more about SRXL2? Visit the SRXL2 Homepage.

* Please note that SRXL2 is not backward compatible with SRXL protocol.

** SRXL2 support updates are required for your device to use the SPM4650, visit www.srxl2.com for details and download links

Small, Lightweight, and Perfect for the DIY Enthusiast

Weighing just 1.4 grams and smaller than any previous Spektrum serial receiver, the SPM4650 is ready to be installed in most types of multirotor and heli builds – no matter the space constraints. The receiver comes with the plug uninstalled for the enthusiasts looking to reduce weight and clutter. Simply attach leads directly to the PCB or mount the connector and plug the included wire from the SPM4650 into a compatible flight controller.

Wide Voltage Input Range

With an operating voltage range between 3.3v to 8.4v, users will no longer be constrained to which devices they can use to operate their serial receiver now that the limited voltage range is eliminated.

 Fly-By Telemetry

Fly-By Telemetry is a low range telemetry signal that is perfect for checking telemetry before and after a flight. And with SRXL2 Technology users will get even more telemetry data and transmitter to device programming support via Forward Programming, VTX Setup, and/or Text Gen Programming.

Dual Diversity Antennas

The SPM4650 employs an advanced antenna diversity system that provides optimal range, RF performance, and polarization. All supported by 2 long coaxial antennas that are perfect for FPV, Multirotor and Heli pilots with metal and carbon fiber abundant models.

Bind Button installed for Easy Binding

No bind plug? No Problem! The SPM4650 is the most convenient to bind Spektrum serial receiver yet, simply press the bind button at any time, before or after power is applied, and the SPM4650 is in bind mode. And like other Spektrum serial receivers, users can also bind using a supported flight controller and computer, but now there is no need to power cycle!

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