Aerofly RC8 STANDARD, simulator software med USB sender.

Aerofly RC8 STANDARD, simulator software med USB sender.

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Model/Varenr.: 3031050
Lagerstatus: 7 på lager

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Meget realistisk flysimulator. Leveres på CD-ROM.

Indeholder 25 modeller og 4 landskaber.
Leveres med USB sender, der kobles i USB stik på computeren.


Standard-Edition for Windows Computer on DVD for Win with  USB-Commander

With 25 models and 4 sceneries

Including aerobatics, helicopters, jets, gliders, scalable models and much more.

Incl. multiplayer mode, multiplayer and voice chat

Incl. VR headset support!

Fly on your PC monitor with any kind of RC models in high-resolution photo scenes, move freely through 4D photo scenes or fly with

the same software with your VR headset and experience a completely new feeling and immerse yourself in the scene!

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 1.   aeroflyRC8 STANDARD on DVD for Windows

 1.   USB RC/FlightController

The USB RC/FlightController is powered directly from the PC. You don't need any batteries for the controller and you don't need to charge any batteries The controller is delivered with throttle on the left (mode 2 or mode 4) and can be converted to throttle on the right (mode 1 or mode 3) with the enclosed manual.

Upgrade to the full version

This aeroflyRC8  STANDARD-Edition can be upgraded to the full verion with

246 models and 54 sceneries as a download

System requirements for  Windows

Minimum (recommended) system requirements

64-Bit Win 8/10

DualCore 2,4 GHz (QuadCore 3,0 GHz)

RAM 4 GB (8 GB)

Free Disc Space: 8 GB

3D video card with 1 GB (2 GB)

Only for VR mode: video card with 4 GB.

The RC8 is optimized for Oculus-Rift and HTC-Vive Headsets