Motor-15.500KV til Tiny Hawk S FPV Quadcopter.

Motor-15.500KV til Tiny Hawk S FPV Quadcopter.

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Model/Varenr.: 0110003032
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Replacement Brushless motor for Tinyhawk S.

Tinyhawk S 0802 Brushless motor was updated from the original 08025 to be lighter weight and give greater performance. Giving the Tinyhawk S more control and lighter overall weight. This resulted in better flight characteristics and a more efficient system, while also giving better flight times by 20% depending on flight feel and use.

This motor is great for the Tinyhawk S and can also be used to upgrade the original Tinyhawk for similar performance.

Motor is capable of use for 1-2 LiPo operation.


Tinyhawk S

Tinyhawk RTF



Stator: 8mm x 2mm (0802)

Kv: 15500kv

Weight: 2.2g

Bearing Size: 1.5 x 4 x2mm

Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm

Propeller Mount: Press Fit Over Bell


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