Dragon Force DF65 V6 Sejlbåd med sender og modtager.

Dragon Force DF65 V6 Sejlbåd med sender og modtager.

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Model/Varenr.: JW8815
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Helt sejlklar båd bortset fra 8 stk. AA batterier.

Dragon Force 65 Version 6.

The new updated (6’th version) Dragon Force 65 sailboat. The Dragon Force 65 has undergone a major transformation to bring the quality and appearance up the high standard set by its bigger brother the Dragon Flite 95, without affecting the competitiveness of previous versions. New tooling for the hull sees an increase in hull strength (retaining the same shape and weight). Key rig fittings, the Gooseneck, Compression Strut, Masthead Fitting and Jib Boom front end fittings are new designs for maximum efficiency and easier assembly. The sails are now made from 50 micron Mylar film in a clean new style. The digital rudder servo also gets a 10% boost in torque and improved electronics. To complete the upgrade, the RTR version now comes with a full sized 2.4Ghz transmitter with travel adjustment for both the rudder and sails. This truly is a stunning and race winning boat - straight out of the box!



Length: 650 mm

Beam: 116.5 mm

Rig Height: 915 mm

Overall Height: 1338 mm

RTR weight (no batteries): 1200 g

Sail Area (main sail): 1460 cm2

Sail Area (Jib): 766 cm2

Sail Area (Total): 2226 cm2

Hull material: Molded ABS with painted white finish and attached stickers



Fully painted blow molded ABS hull

50 micron Mylar film racing sails with printed flow stripes and logos

Extruded carbon fibre mast and boom tubes

Extruded aluminium keel with zinc alloy ballast bulb

Metal geared digital rudder servo and fast powerful sail winch

4 channel 2,4GHz radio

Display stand

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