DA-85 bensinmotor med tænding.

DA-85 bensinmotor med tænding.

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Model/Varenr.: DA8500
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Desert Aircraft DA-85

  • Aerobatic power curve.
  • Fast throttle response.
  • Most torque in its class.
  • Exclusive Desert Aircraft designed cylinders, pistons, and crankshaft.
  • CNC milled, 7075 aluminum alloy crankcase.
  • Long conrod with gudgeon pin located very near to piston crown to reduce side loads.
  • Walbro Carburator
  • Four petal reed valve
  • Electronic ignition with auto advance and retard.
  • DA engines are designed using the latest tools and techniques, including 3D CAD and Stereo Lithography.

The DA-85 combines low weight and the cost for a single cylinder, but with the power from an average 100cc engine. The minimal crankcase volume and the timing with the four reed valves produces a very high power output.

The long conrod with the gudgeon pin mounted close to piston crown transmits.
The high torque with reduced side thrust, this reduces the friction and wear as well as increasing the power.

Due to the integral engine mount, allows the DA-85 to be bolted directly onto the firewall, without torsion weak stand offs, experience shows that long stand offs that are torsion weak is often the cause for excessive vibration in a model.

The reed valves developed by DA plus the Walbro carburettor are perfectly adapted to the engine giving an even running engine in all attitudes and throttle settings. An aluminium throttle arm is fitted to the carburettor throttle shaft.

As is with all DA engines the DA-85 has been factory test run, the carburettor needles adjusted. The world wide DA service and support is unique.
The DA-85 is certainly the best choice for your 1:3 3D aerobatics.

Photogallery DA-85


  • Displacement:  85,9 ccm
  • Bore:  52 mm
  • Stroke:  40 mm
  • Weight:  1952 g
  • including Ignition:  2060 g
  • Output:  6,25 kW / 8,5 PS
  • RPM Range:  1200 - 7500 1/min
  • RPM Max:  9500 1/min
  • Fuel Consumption:  3,9 Liters/h @ 6000 1/min
  • Propellers:  
  • Menz 2-Blade:  26x10", 27x12"
  • Super Silence Carbon 2-Blade:  27x12", 27x14", 28x12"
  • Super Silence Carbon 3-Blade:  25x12", 26x12"
  • Fuel:  1:50