Saito FG-21 21cc 4-takt Bensinmotor.

Saito FG-21 21cc 4-takt Bensinmotor.

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Model/Varenr.: SAFG-21
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SAITO FG-21 is a 4-stroke gasoline engine exclusively for model airplanes which is designed with emphasis on high performance, durability, and weight saving. This engine is modified based on existing FG-20 gasoline engine, equipped with renewed ignition system. For the airplane on which FA-125 is installed, FG-21 can be replaced easily with minimal change such as fuel tank and lines to gasoline resistant ones.

  • Displacement: 20.9 cc
  • Applications: 4-stroke glow 1.00-1.10 class
  • Bore: 32.0 mm
  • Stroke: 26.0 mm
  • Motor weight: 690 g
  • Muffler weight: 83 g
  • Ignition system weight: 113 g
  • Engine mount weight: 156 g
  • Practical RPM: 2000-9500
  • Max RPM on Ground (stationary): 9000-10.000
  • Propeller: APC 15x8" - 16x8"
  • Static thrust: aprox 3-4 kg
  • Fuel: Regular gasoline & oil = 20:1 (volume ratio)
  • Fuel consumption: aprox 15 cc/min (@ full throttle 8800 rpm)
  • Battery for ignition system: 6-8V with more than 1Ah is recommended

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