Lemon DSMX Spektrum kompatibel 7-kanals stabilizer Plus/modtager med diversity antenner.

Lemon DSMX Spektrum kompatibel 7-kanals stabilizer Plus/modtager med diversity antenner.

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Model/Varenr.: LM0043
Lagerstatus: 1 på lager

Har indbygget 6 akset gyrosystem som hjælper til med at stabilisere dit fly ved normal flyvning, auto-leveling og i 3D flyvning. Flyvemode ændres nemt under flyvningen ved hjælp af en kontakt på senderen.

Type: Stabilizer PLUS DSM2/X 7-Channel Full Range Receiver with diversity antenna (Top Pin)
Number of Channel: 7
Modulation: Proprietary DSM2/X (DSMX and DSM2 compatible with auto detection of both modes)
Band: 2.4 GHz
Dimension: 37(L) x 28(W) x 9(H) mm
Weight: 8.0g
Voltage Range: 3.45 - 7.2V

A simple to use stabilizer with auto leveling capability with extremely minimum settings / calibration required. Designed for beginner, FPV flyer or even advanced pilots who need an extra safety feature under unexpected circumstances. Lemon Rx engineers had been spending months in optimizing stabilization control strategy along with many flight test pilots all around the world to come up with an exceptional reliable and easy to use stabilizer (namely stabilizer PLUS). The optimized control strategy allow the stabilizer to work just about any planes with almost no complex tuning and minimal setup required that just take a few seconds to complete.

- Contain all capabilities of the popular Lemon Rx stabilizer with similar setup / interface
- Auto-level (beginner / advanced) / gyro / no stabilization
- 4 orientations installation allowed with auto-detect feature (refer to user manual for full instruction)
- Allow the use of all 7-channel even when stabilization is enabled
- All channels failsafe capability (this means that you can even set the plane in orbiting in the event of transmitter failure by setting stabilizer as auto-level with bank angle under failsafe)
- Proprietary control algorithm ensure minimal user setup and extreme reliability for different type of planes
- Optionally gear channel can be used to remotely control stabilization mode in either auto-level / gyro / no stabilization
- Spektrum owner with DX5 is capable of using gear channel to choose either auto-level and no stabilization or gyro and no stabilization.
- Remote master gain on-the-fly adjustment on AUX3

Using the Stabilizer PLUS for the first time (hardware reset with most basic setup. Gear channel for mode changing with auto-level in beginner mode.)
See user manual for advanced setup with various functions. Below is the most simple instruction to guaranteed the activation of auto-level / gyro / no stabilization with the use of 3-positions gear channel.

- Create a new aircraft model on transmitter (if dual aileron is used with 2 separate servo without using Y-cable, select dual aileron and make sure J6 is at the on position)
- Insert bind plug horizontally between aileron and rudder to guaranteed hardware reset of any unwanted settings set previously and restore to factory default.
- Provide power. When 4 LEDs flashes sequentially, remove power.
- Set J4 to J6 accordingly. (Eg. J4 and J5 on with fixed wing aircraft with no dual aileron.)
- Mount stabilizer PLUS mounted on a plane at its normal position (bottom of stabilizer PLUS is towarding ground at plane's normal flying position)
- Bind stabilizer PLUS
- Remove bind plug and wait until LEDs flashes complete and remove bind plug
- Change gear channel to observe the changes of control mode with auto-level / gyro / no stabilization
- Set J1 to J3 accordingly to adjust for corrective action direction
- The setup is completed. You can now power off the stabilizer PLUS. The stabilizer PLUS is now ready to fly with power provided to it after ~10 seconds of initialization. You may now select flight mode with gear channel!

Aileron Differential and Flaperon Constraints
Please note the following regarding the use of the Lemon Stabilizer PLUS in Autolevel mode:
1. Aileron Differential must not be used.
2. Flaperons, if available, must not be deployed.
These limitations apply only to Autolevel mode and are inherent in the way the stabilizer functions. They are fully explained in the Essential Instructions.
Video section (Thanks to John [JJ604 RCgroups] for preparing the video)
Lemon Stabilizer PLUS step-by-step for beginners
Lemon Stabilizer PLUS Basic Setup video
Lemon Stabilizer PLUS Options video

Using the Stabilizer PLUS as 7-Channel Receiver
- Turn off J1 to J6
- Follows normal binding procedure by inserting bind plug to the bind location and enable binding on transmitter
- Bind location will become the 7th channel. Use ESC with BEC on throttle channel for supplying power to servo.

1) This is not a Spektrum DSMX or DSM2 product, nor is it a copy of a Spektrum DSM2 or DSMX product. The Spektrum, DX5, DX6, DSMX, and DSM2 brand is a trademark as well as or is the ownership of Horizon Hobby, Inc.

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