MicroVector Flight Controller.

MicroVector Flight Controller.

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Model/Varenr.: MICROVECTOR
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Flight controller til både fastvingede- og multirotor modeller, inklusive OSD i farver.


Why you need the µV:

Easy Configuration

►  Fully set up and tune your µV three convenient ways:
   * Windows GUI
   * OSD stick menus at the field
   * Optional InfoPanel LCD 


►  Built in OSD with COLOR GRAPHICS and fully customizable screens
►  Programmable video power control: Turn on/off your video camera and/or video transmitter using a radio switch, on arm/disarm, etc.
►  SkyGates Virtual Racing (Experimental Augmented Reality, Optional GPS required)
►  Built in Flight Data Recorder/data logger helps take out the guesswork if something goes wrong


► Fast 32 bit microcontroller
► DMA enhanced control loop running at up to 8 kHz
► Advanced PID and filter tuning from either the GUI, or stick menus at the field
► Oneshot and Multishot ESC Protocols


►  Standard 30.5mm mounting hole centers
►  PWM, SPPM, Spektrum Satellite and S-BUS Receivers supported, with 4 types of RSSI
►  BLHeli ESC configuration via the µV USB port
►  Compatible with most PDBs, including those with built in current sensors (or use
our PSU)
►  Multirotor airframes: Racing Quadcopter, Standard Quadcopter, Tricopter, Y6, Hexacopter
►  Fixed wing airframes: Traditional, Elevon, V-tail


►  Add our dual band GPS module for advanced GPS flight modes, RTH, and waypoints
►  Antenna tracking and laptop position display available with our
EagleEyes FPV Station
►  Other accessories include
12V/5V PSU/Current Sensor (using this cable), Alerter LED/Buzzer, Pitot tube for Airspeed, and InfoPanel LCD Display
►  UART for telemetry, including ET Open Telemetry, DragonLink, and Taranis (pigtail cable included)

Eagle Tree Quality and Support

►  Each µV is fully tested, and undergoes an 18 point hand calibration for best performance
►  World Class Eagle Tree support via web ticket and forum discussion

What's Included

►  µV with plastic case
► Set of 5 rugged "pigtail" cables for precise installation

► Supported Airframe Types:

  • Traditional fixed wing, Elevon, and V-tail planes
  • Racing Quadcopter, Quadcopter, Tricopter, Hexacopter and Y6 multirotors

► Recommended Airframes: The MicroVector is recommended for small/light airframes only:

  • 300mm (12”) or smaller multirotors
  • 800mm (32”) or smaller wingspan planes.

► Video formats: composite NTSC and PAL (autodetect)

► Size/Mass of Main Unit

  • Size (approx): 38 X 38 X 10 mm with case, 36 x 36 x 7 mm without case
  • Mass (approx): 13 grams with case, 7 grams without case