Flight controller F3 til Torrent 110 FPV

Flight controller F3 til Torrent 110 FPV

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Flight controller F3 til Torrent 110 FPV.

Model/Varenr.: SPMFCMF300
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The MF300 flight controller is a micro flight control with 25x25mm mounting dimensions. It is pairs perfectly with the Blade 4-n-1 FPV ESC to provide a seamless installation. The flight control plugs directly into the ESC helping to make installation even easier.
The F3 processor is faster than the F1 processor found in the Naze32 variants. This allows for faster and more precise control. The flight control comes pre-installed with Betaflight software.

Compatible Products:
Spektrum Micro F3 Flight Control: Torrent 110 FPV SPMFCMF300 is compatible with BLH04050, BLH04075
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