Blade Inductrix FPV Pro quadcopter, BNF. UDGÅET.

Blade Inductrix FPV Pro quadcopter, BNF. UDGÅET.

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Blade Inductrix FPV PRO quadcopter, BNF.

Model/Varenr.: BLH8570EU*
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Forbedret udgave af den populære Inductrix FPV, nu med forstærket ramme, hurtigere motorer og mulighed for at stille parametre i F3 flight controlleren.
Har indbygget SAFE teknologi for helt utrolig stabilitet og holdbarhed.

Battery: 200mAh 3.7V 45C Lipo
Flying Weight: 21g
Height: 40mm
Length: 82mm
Width: 92mm
Main Motor Type: Brushed

The Inductrix FPV Pro is the high-performance, micro FPV drone taking indoor racing performance to the next level. Building on the popular Inductrix platform, the Inductrix FPV Pro answers the call to those seeking heightened performance in a lightened, more durable profile. A significant feature is the Betaflight configurable flight controller which provides you the freedom to adjust all flight parameters, rates, and gains to fit your flying style. A new frame design with added reinforcements improves durability, making crashes worry-free. A new and improved camera and VTX combo flaunt a smaller monopole and lighter profile, while giving you more frequencies and bands to choose from. The included removable canopy gives the micro racer a sleek new design and color scheme without hindering weight or performance. The included 200mAh battery offers ample flight times, increased by the lighter overall profile. With the Bind-N-Fly® completion level, all you have to do is bind a compatible Spektrum transmitter and you're off to the races.

Improved Frame:
Based on the Inductrix FPV, the updated frame design boasts added reinforcements in addition to a much stronger material.

Betaflight Configurable:
The F3 flight controller comes pre-flashed and tuned with Betaflight firmware, yet allows a pilot to adjust all flight characteristics, modes, rates and gains to their preference.

High Performance 25mW camera/VTX:
Impressive optics and integrated 25mW VTX with monopole antenna offer performance and durability in a sleek and lightweight profile.

Extremely Lightweight
Even with all the improvements, it comes in lighter than the original Inductrix FPV.

High Speed Motors:
19,000Kv + motors offer rapid throttle response and high top speed while maintaining stability.

New Canopy:
New canopy offers essential protection for flight controller and components, while staying unobtrusive and extremely lightweight.

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