Kamera/Videosender til Blade Nano QX FPV-2

Kamera/Videosender til Blade Nano QX FPV-2

595,00 DKK

Kamera/Videosender til Blade Nano QX FPV-2 og Inductrix 200.

Model/Varenr.: BLH9011
Lagerstatus: 1 på lager

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Passer til Blade Nano QX FPV-2 og Inductrix 200.

Kamera specifikationer:
Input power: 3.0–5.5V (1S supply)
Square: 13.2 X 17.6 X 9mm
Lens dimensions: 9mm X 10mm diameter
Video output: Analog NTSC video out
Frequency: 5.8GHz (7 channels available)
Weight: 4.5 g (with case)

Transmitter Channels
Channel 1 5740 MHz
Channel 2 5760 MHz
Channel 3 5780 MHz
Channel 4 5800 MHz
Channel 5 5820 MHz
Channel 6 5840 MHz
Channel 7 5860 MHz

Using the Micro FPV Camera.
Consult local laws and ordinances before operating
FPV equipment. In some areas, FPV operation may be
limited or prohibited. You are responsible for operating
this product in a legal and responsible manner.
1. Power on your radio transmitter, then power on the aircraft.
2. Power on the video receiver to make sure the channel is clear.
3. Select the desired video transmitter channel by pressing
the button on the quadcopter to scroll through the avail-
able channels, 1-7, as shown.
4. Adjust the vertical camera angle by rotating the camera
up or down prior to fl ight.
5. Perform a range test before fl ying.
If you experience static in the video feed, select a dif-
ferent channel.

The 25mW micro video camera range
on your quadcopter is less than your flight control
transmitter range. Ensure you have adequate video
camera range for filming.