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Mobius HD kamera 1080P.

Mobius HD kamera 1080P.

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675,00 DKK 775,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: EMX-FP-0574
Lagerstatus: Ikke på lager

Et af markedets mindste og mest kendte kameraer til brug for FPV flyvning og videooptagelser.
Kan enkelt kobles på diverse videosendere med A/V kabel som købes separat.
Leveres UDEN SD kort.

Længde: 61 mm
Bredde: 35 mm
Højde: 18 mm
Vægt: 38 gram uden kabel

Basic Specifications:
•Rechargeable LIPO Battery (500mah), with Battery Charger Manage IC
•Video: 1080P 30FPS FULL HD, 720P 60FPS, 720P 30FPS HD H.264/AVC1 video codec, .MOV file format.
•Photo: 2304 x 1536, 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, supports Time Lapse Photo Shooting
•microSD card slot, supports up to 32GB, suggest using Class 4 or above
•USB2.0, plug and play, easy connection with computers, no driver needed.
•Live TV video output while recording videos with the TV out cables (may not be included for different packages)
•Multifunctioned, you can use it as a Pocket camecorder, sports camera, driving recorder, a camera, a webcam, a removable USB drive.

Video Quality The Mobius can record in beautiful 1080P H.264. HD video quality at 30 frames per second. At the highest video quality, the bit rate will be nearly 18,000 kpbs in wide angle recording. There is also a 720P 60 frames per second option suitable for extremely fast action recording, and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) recording for low light scenarios. A Time Lapse mode, where the camera will automatically take Time-Lapsed still images is also included. The Mobius can also be configured for motion detect recording; allowing the user to set the sensitivity.

Battery Life The Mobius can record for approximately 85-90 minutes at a time. Add a power bank to increase the battery life. The Mobius Actioncam is capable of recording live video while connected to an external power source as well, such as a driving recorder.

Audio Quality The Mobius records excellent quality audio at 512 Kbps PCM (CD quality). Audio can be turned off as well via configuration utility.

What’s special about this Mobius ActionCam?

1.It’s a camera designed and developed by users and for users. And it’s on-going. We will keep improving this camera and add more features by firmware updating. If you have any feedback / comments / suggestions, we are hearing!
2.This camera is so small and light, and it has wide angle of view with minimum fisheye distortion. It has a quality lens and it has outstanding image quality, corner to conern sharpness and uniform brightness across entire frame. You shall be able to review video samples from other users at the great Mobius ActionCam forum maintained by Tom Frank. You will get plenty of helpful information there as well.
3.This camera ships with most updated and stable firmware of the time, and it works perfectly out of box. Don’t worry about the complicated settings (actually it’s not complicated at all, you will find it fun and easy later).
4.This camera has below settings for current firmware, and there will be more,

•Set the correct date and time for the time stamp.
•Set the video resolution and frame rate for Video Mode 1 and 2. (1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps or 30fps)
•Set Photo Size (2304×1536,1920×1080,1280×720)
•Set Time Lapse photo shooting (from 0.25s a photo to 60s a photo, note: 2304×1536 starting from 1s a photo)
•Video Clip length/Movie Cycle Time (3minutes, 5minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and max to 4G byte)
•You can set loop recording On or Off (default is off)
•You can set time stamp on or off (default is on)
•You can mute the video sound if needed.
•You can flip the video 180 degrees (when you use the camera upside down, you will need to set it on)
•You can set the Movie qulity (Low, Standard, High, default is Standard)
•You can set WDR (Wide/High Dynamic Range) on (default is off)
•To avoid camera sudden powering on in your pocket, you can set the power on delay.
•You can auto power off waiting time and set it off.
•You can set Auto record on with power (helpful when using Mobius as Driving recorder / Car Dash Camera)
•You can set the LED indicator light off if needed (default is on).
•If you use Android devices to set this camera, you should set charge from USB host off (thanks to therau2000, there is app for Android device to set this camera)
•You can set TV out video mode and 4:3 or 16:9.

5.You can edit the SYSCFG.txt to do the settings manually. It’s suggested using Isoprop’s great windows GUI. The simple and extremely user-friendly program is fully plug-and-play and includes an integrated User Manual.

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