EMax-PDB med 5V og 12V BEC

EMax-PDB med 5V og 12V BEC

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EMax-PDB med 5V og 12V BEC.
Model/Varenr.: EMX-AC-1623
Power Distribution Board med indbygget 5 Volts og 12 Volts spændingsregulator.

This power distribution board features with 2 BEC outputs. With extra-thick copper foil, ENIG surface, it supports a current of up to 100A. 12V BEC provides power for brushless gimbal, 5.8G FPV transmitter or FPV camera, while 5V BEC provides power for flight controller, GoPro etc.


Input voltage: 2-6S Lipo
2 BEC outputs: 5V & 12V
Output current: 2-3A every output
LED output: LED output goes through K1 switch and connects to power supply. Please pay attention to the input voltage of the LED while connecting a LED.
Dimension: 35*35mm
Net weight: 6.9g

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