Black Mamba V2 base frame kit fra Quadrysteria

Black Mamba V2 base frame kit fra Quadrysteria

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Black Mamba V2 base frame kit fra Quadrysteria.
Kulfiberramme til opbygning af meget hurtig FPV Quadcopter.

Udbygget eksempel vises på de 3 nederste billeder.

• Body length 350mm
• Shaft-to-shaft diagonal 370mm
Shaft-to-shaft width 270mm
Shaft-to-shaft length 250mm
• Completed frame weight 252 grams!
• All up weight: 737 grams
• Flight Controller mount slots accommodate 30mm - 45mm (hole center-to-center).

• Solid through spar carbon fiber arm tubes isolate vibration, protect and conceal motor wires. Vibration isolation material at both the motor mount and the arm attachment point. No "dirty" section!
• Rotatable arms. You can angle the rotors forward 5-10 degrees and gain an aerodynamic advantage and speed during forward flight. This also gets you an optimal view of the horizon from your FPV camera.
• Designed for GoPro 3 or Mobius and full-size FPV gear (8-9” propellers). Its big enough to fly line-of-sight, yet small enough for agile FPV proximity fun!
• 14 minute hover time on 3S 2200mAh 30C LiPo (no cameras or FPV gear) 9" propellers and 980kv motors.
• Full line of replacement parts
• 3mm carbon fiber motor mounts and landing talons
• Extra frame holes for camera mounts, servo wires, LEDs, and straps. 3mm size holes for nylon mounts or silicon bobbins. 9mm size frame holes for vibration dampers.
• Integrated video transmitter bay gives a cleaner look, protects the transmitter, blocks RF bleed from the transmitter, and gives better balance with a nose mounted camera.

• Top Frame Plate (carbon fiber)
• Bottom Frame Plate (carbon fiber)
• 2 x arm tubes (carbon fiber)
• 4 x motor mounts (carbon fiber)
• 4 x landing talons (carbon fiber)
• CCD camera mount (carbon fiber)
• 12 x arm clamps (anodized aluminum)
• Nylon standoff set
• Video transmitter bay cover (carbon fiber)

Recommended Motors and ESCs (not included)
• 20Amp EMax SimonK ESCs
• EMax MT2213 920KV
• Motor extension wires with heat shrink tube
• Optional power distribution board
• Battery power lead

Recommended FC and RC gear (not included)
• Flip32, Flip32+ or CC3D
• 10CM male-to-male receiver leads
• Receiver, 6 to 8-channel
• FC Protective Cover
• Battery strap, velcro, zip ties

Recommended FPV gear (not included)
• 5.8GHz VTX
• CCD 600TVL 2.8 - 3.6mm lens (IR block recommended)
• 5.8GHz Circular Polarized antenna pair ((SkewPlanar/Airscrew, Cloverleaf, Mad Mushroom, Crosshair, SpiroNet Patch, Helical).

Recommended Propellers (not included)
• 8" - 9" propellers 2 or 3-blade with 3S

Recommended Camera Mounts (not included)

Required (not included)
• Battery: 3S LiPo 1800-3000mAh 30C minimum
• Your own RC transmitter (5 channel minimum)
• For FPV, your own 5.8GHz A/V Receiver with video screen and/or goggles
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