Motorspant 30mm fra Art Hobby

Motorspant 30mm fra Art Hobby

24,00 DKK

Motorspant 30mm fra Art Hobby.
Model/Varenr.: M01001
Motorspant i X-finer.

Mount Diameter: ~31 mm
Mount Thicknes: 3.2 mm / 2/16"
Bolt Pattern: 16 x 19 mm
Mounting screw: 3 mm
Weight: 2 g

Custom mount for the ART-400, ART-500, ART-1000 and ART-1200 outrunner motors - Made on CNC machine form thin aviation grade plywood.

Alpha-EV 1M
Gamma-EV 1.2M
Agena-EV/ES 1.5M
Sky-E/EV/EC 1.7M
Sky-E/EV/EC 2M or similar electro-gliders