ART-2400, 650KV motor

ART-2400, 650KV motor

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ART-2400, 650KV motor fra Art Hobby.
Model/Varenr.: M2400
Lagerstatus: Ikke på lager
Weight: 180 g
Motor Diameter: 35 mm
Motor Length: 53 mm
Shaft Length: 24 mm
Shaft Diameter: 5 mm
Motor KV (RPM/V): 650
Current (A): 27 - 36
Battery (LiPo): 3 cells (2500-3300mAh)
Propeller Range: 15x8, 16x8, 18x6, 18x7 CAM
Static Thrust: ~2400 g

This motor is specially designated for powering our 2.5M - 3.1M wing span, light weight electro-gliders with maximum efficiency.
Gold pin connectors and motor mounting screws included.

- Serenity-EV 2.5M
- Ibis-ET 3M
- High Aspect-ES 3.1M or similar electro-gliders