12,4 grams DMG servo til Weasel og Ahi fra Dream Flight

12,4 grams DMG servo til Weasel og Ahi fra Dream Flight

220,00 DKK

12,4 grams DMG servo til Ahi and Weasel-TREK fra Dream Flight.

Model/Varenr.: DFFA009
Lagerstatus: 6 på lager

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Digital servo med metalgear.

Weight: 12g
Maximum Torque (4.8V): 2.4 Kg cm
Size: 23 x 9 x 32mm
Speed: 0.12s for 60° (4.8V)

A rugged, high performance digital servo which fits the Ahi and Weasel-TREK glider perfectly. The best Ahi and Weasel servo to date, featuring metal gears and a ball bearing supported output gear. We tested this servo rigorously in the air and on the bench and found that its speed, torque, and centering precision provide a very active and precise control response. Pop them in, and go shred the slope!

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