FMS 1400mm Votec 322 Orange PNP. BESTILLINGSVARE.

FMS 1400mm Votec 322 Orange PNP. BESTILLINGSVARE.

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Model/Varenr.: FMS101P*
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LiPo Batteri, 6S-3300mAh LiPo
LiPo Lader med balancer


The MSW Votec 322 is a Swiss two-seat low-wing monoplane based on the Rihn DR-107 One Design and is designed for amateur construction by MSW Aviation of Wohlen.

Yes, you heard it! The brand new aerobatic model from FMS, the Votec 322 is here! The aircraft adopts a streamlined fuselage design and scaled Hamilton color scheme. Built with a hollow wing design, carbon fiber tubes, preinstalled precision ball links and rods, the Votec 322, delivers an enhanced 3D performance. The high torque 30G servos ensures large control surface throw for more aerobatic maneuver.

Wing tip Side Force Generators can dramatically improve yaw authority and keep the aircraft "locked-in" during aerobatic maneuvers, especially in knife-edge orientation.

The Votec 322 also features a wooden propeller, for high strength and efficiency, a first for the FMS line.

Experience an unparalleled 3D flight performance with the new Votec 322 from FMS.


1. Powerful 4258-KV550 motor, Predator 70A ESC, 30G servos.

2. High-strength, high-efficiency wooden blades propeller.

3. Carbon fiber tubes for strength.

4. Hollow-wing for weight control.

5. Pre-installed, newly designed ball link style control horns for more throw.

6. Screw-together construction.

7. No gluing

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