Relæ, 10Amp. 1 kontakt

Relæ, 10Amp. 1 kontakt

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Relæ, 10Amp. 1 kontakt.

Model/Varenr.: MRW05
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1 kontaktsæt
10 Ampere maks.
20 Volt maks.

Bemærk at kontakterne er beregnet til maksimalt 10 Ampere, og ikke 20 Ampere som der står i noget af dokumentationen.

Plug the servo lead in to any spare channel and wire up the Blue and White leads to the item you wish to switch on and off.

In operation you will find that the relay switch will operate around the middle position on a stick channel and is fitted with an indicator L.E.D to tell you when the relay is energized.

When using the switch with electric motors always fit a suppression capacitors to stop contact arcing. If suppression is not fitted the life of the contacts will be much reduced. Where possible measure or work out the current of the load to be borne by the switcher, as the relay contact will only stand 10amps. Any switchers returned with burnt out contacts will be considered as damaged outside the warranty.

In general the switcher can be employed to switch lamps on and off, operate cameras with power wind, trigger flares, electric motors etc.
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