Servo slow

Servo slow

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Elektronisk dæmpning af servo hastigheden.
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The servo slow has been designed for use with retracts in model aircraft or slowing down flaps, but it could be used in other applications. The delay is adjustable for 1 to 15 seconds.

Most standard radio control servos can be controlled.
10 servo transit speeds are available.
Times between approximately 1 second to 15 seconds may be chosen.
A flashing LED is provided to indicate the number of delay units selected.

Plug the flying lead on the Digital Servo Slow Unit into the selected channel on your receiver. Connect the servo to the Digital Servo Slow Unit. Switch on the transmitter and then the receiver. Movement of the transmitter stick will operate the servo at the maximum speed.

Adjust the servo travel as required, following the transmitter instructions. When this is complete, you are ready to set the servo transit speed.

How to enter the setting mode - with your receiver switched off press and hold the speed adjust button and switch the radio on. As soon as you see the L.E.D light let go of the button, the L.E.D will now stay alight. To adjust the speed of the servo press and hold the button, the L.E.D will flash on and off slowly each flash represents a second added, so 1 flash is one second and 2 flash two seconds and so on, up to a maximum of 10. Once you have set the servo speed switch off your receiver to set the servo speed.

When you next switch on the receiver the servo slow will be set to the speed you have just set.

Note if you don't set a time, when in setup mode then the servo plugged in to the servo slow will not operate, so you will have to carry out the above procedure again.

The servo speed can be adjusted at any time by repeating this procedure.

Please note that it is normal for the servo to operate with a discrete number of steps, as this is how the programmed delay is achieved.

Please ensure that the selection key cannot be pressed accidentally while the unit is in use.
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