Delta Ray Bind N Fly

Delta Ray Bind N Fly

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Delta Ray Bind N Fly.
Model/Varenr.: HBZ7980
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Flyveklar begyndermodel med alt udstyr for at komme i gang med at flyve, bortset fra senderen.

Veldesignet vingemodel med indbygget SAFE teknologi for nemmere og sikrere indlæring.
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Ekstra batteri: 1300mAh-2s

Wingspan: 863mm
Overall Length: 807mm
Wing Area: 2480 sq. cm.
Flying Weight: 500 g
Motor Size: (2) 180-size brushed motors (installed)
Radio: Spektrum DSMX transmitter (Not included)
Servos: (2) SV80 servos (installed)
CG (Center of Gravity): 14.4 in (365mm) from the rear of airplane at fuselage center line
Prop Size: 5 x 3
Recommended Motor Battery: 7.4V 2S 1300mAh 20C Li-Po (included)
Approx. Flying Duration: 8 minutes
Charger: 2-cell DC balancing Li-Po charger (included)
Is Assembly Required: Yes
Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
Plane Type: Trainers
Experience Level: Beginner
Power Plant Size: 180-280 Electric
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Fuel Type: Electric

Key Features
Intuitive SAFE™ technology provides four modes to give new pilots the ultimate progressive learning experience
If you lose control of the airplane, "Panic Mode" returns the aircraft to stable, level flight with the push of a button
Beginner and Intermediate modes provide support for new pilots by limiting the roll and pitch of the airplane, keeping you in control at all times
Experienced Mode allows pilots who have mastered the basics to explore the incredible performance of the Delta Ray aircraft supported by the revolutionary AS3X gyro stabilization system
Full 4-channel control gives new pilots a comprehensive learning experience with all the same controls as full-size airplanes
Requires a full-range 4+ channel DSM2/DSMX aircraft transmitter
Impact-resistant, durable Z-Foam™ construction is extraodinarily tough. But in case of damage, you can make repairs with almost any glue and be back in the air in minutes
Needed To Complete
- A 4+ channel DSM2- or DSMX-compatible transmitter

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