RaceWulf Radio Ready i Elapor.

RaceWulf Radio Ready i Elapor.

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Model/Varenr.: 1-01771
Lagerstatus: 1 på lager

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Tekniske data:
Spændevidde: 950 mm.
Længde: 865 mm.
Flyvevægt fra: 1.090 gram.
Servoer og motorsæt medfølger.

Anbefalet batteri: LiPo 3S 2600 mhA

The MULTIPLEX RaceWulf is a sporty racing aircraft, which was modelled on the Focke Wulf FW 190. During the development process, great importance was attached to creating an uncomplicated model with fantastic flight characteristics and a high degree of prefabrication.

The RaceWulf is the ideal model for dogfights, relay flights with colleagues or just to heat up a round after work. It is therefore exactly the right playmate for our FunRacer.

It has an enormous speed range and always remains safe and precise to control.

- Spectacular speed and agility.

- Very neutral flight behaviour.

- Ready painted and decorated.

- Easy to transport due to detachable wing

- Comfortable battery change through the canopy

- Metal gear servos for elevator, rudder and aileron already installed.

- High performance BL motor and speed controller

- Very high degree of prefabrication: install wings and tail plane, install receiver and battery and fly!