TwinStar ND RR, model i Elapor.

TwinStar ND RR, model i Elapor.

2.195,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: 1-00911
Lagerstatus: 1 på lager

Reicever Ready: Model i ELAPOR inklusive servoer, motorer og fartregulatorer. Mangler batteri, lader modtager og sender for at være flyveklar.

Tekniske data:
Spændevidde: 1420 mm
Længde: 1085 mm
Flyvevægt fra: 1350 gram
Batteriforslag: 2200mAh til 3300mAh-3S
Kan udstyres med pontoner som købes separat


The Twin Star ND will inspire you!

We have visually overhauled our popular Twin Star and granted a coat of paint.

The elegant design of Aircraftstudiodesign® underscores the timeless lines of this beautiful model.

Enjoy the power and the sound of two powerful engines at low flybys. A fascinating experience!

Rapid success it prepares beginners with its extremely forgiving flight characteristics. When aerobatic trainer of the highly maneuverable Twin Star ND convinced at: rolls, loops, stunts and precise spot landings. With its central design of the Twin Star ND is perfectly suited as a camera carrier and as an FPV model. Ideal transportation option provides the model with its span of 1,420 mm by its fast divisible wings.

So it fits in any car boot.

The model produced in Germany is typical from MULTIPLEX ELAPOR®- a special foam material in premium quality.

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