FunJet ULTRA 2 KIT+.

FunJet ULTRA 2 KIT+.

1.799,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: 1-01030
Lagerstatus: 1 på lager

Tekniske data:
Spændevidde: 783 mm.
Længde: 750 mm.
Flyvevægt fra: 875 gram.
Servoer: 2 stk. HS-65HB medfølger.

Motorsæt medfølger.


It's always a challenge to make something good even better. The FunJet ULTRA was already the fastest ELAPOR model plane of its time. The FunJet ULTRA 2 is now an optimized version with state-of-the-art technology.
A highly efficient ROXXY 4S-propulsion, the new form of canopy and the new high quality design make the model plane even more attractive. With the components recommened by Multiplex the speed is up to approx. 220 km/h.
Due to an optional usage of the vector control unit (item no. 1-01024) and a wing stabilisation (either with an integrated receiver or as a pure gyroscope) you can fly extreme flight maneuvers with the FunJet ULTRA 2 as for example flatspin, knife edge flying, etc.
Even hoovering and torquing is possible!
The high speed, the excellent flights at slow speed, the outstanding landing characteristics and the easy and precise controlling make the FunJet ULTRA 2 so special.
The sound of this model air plane gives a real speed feeling for a fair price. Due to its size the FunJet fits in every trunk and should always be a part of your luggage, so that daily fun is guaranteed.


Content of the kit:

  • ELAPOR®- foam parts for fuselage, wings, rudder and elevator

  • CRP-spar

  • Vacuum-moulded & painted canopy

  • Anodized aluminium motor mount

  • All required plastic parts, small parts and linkages

  • High quality, multicolored & precut decal sheet

  • Detailed instruction manual

  • 2 servos HS-65HB, 2 extension cables 15cm, plug locks

  • FunJet ULTRA 2 motor set (# 1-00962)