Eagle Eyes FPV Ground station

Eagle Eyes FPV Ground station

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Eagle Eyes FPV Ground station med plastikkabinet.
Model/Varenr.: EE-FPV-GND
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Our new EagleEyesTM FPV Station provides all of the following features:
* Receiver Diversity - when you connect two NTSC or PAL audio/video receivers (of any frequency), the EagleEyesTM picks the better signal at any given time, which can greatly reduce video fades and improve your FPV experience! A variety of diversity settings are configurable with the on-board switches and LED indicators.
* Antenna Tracking - when coupled with our OSD Pro, the EagleEyesTM is the heart of a full-featured pan/tilt antenna tracker. Powerful, easy to use menus are provided for adjusting the EagleEyesTM to work flawlessly with the tracker of your choice. An exclusive to Eagle Tree, multiple pan points can be calibrated, resulting in greater panning accuracy even if your pan servos are somewhat nonlinear. The built-in regulator drives even large pan/tilt servos, with no need for an external BEC. ReadyMadeRC.com and electronicarc.com produce low cost, high quality trackers built especially for EagleEyesTM.
* Telemetry - When coupled with our OSD Pro, all Eagle Tree data (not just GPS position) are transmitted to your laptop, via your video transmitter and the EagleEyesTM USB port (separate USB cable required). Your flight can then be graphed and displayed with our powerful software, or visualized (either in real time or after your flight) with Google Earth!
* Four Channel A/V Distribution - Ever wish you had more video/audio outputs? The EagleEyesTM has four built-in outputs!
* Programmable Low Voltage Alarm - How is your ground station battery doing? Now you can program a low voltage alarm buzzer, which alerts you when your battery is below your chosen voltage. The buzzer can also be programmed to alert for other conditions, such as poor telemetry signal.
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