Edge 540T-48 ARF

Edge 540T-48 ARF

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Extreme Flight Edge 540T-48 ARF.
Model/Varenr.: EF-E540T48RYB
Lagerstatus: Ikke på lager
Tekniske data:
Spændevidde: 1220 mm
Længde: 1220 mm
Flyvevægt fra: 1250 gram

Servoer: 4 stk. 10 grams (BMS-373MG)
Batteri: Desire Power V6 2200-2500mAh 3S

Motorsæt: Dualsky XM3542EA-5 og SN-40A-ESC

Propel ikke incl. i motorsættet: APC 13x6,5E

The Edge 540T EXP incorporates carbon fiber and G10 composites into the structure of the airframe, resulting in a lightweight, yet twist free structure capable of handling extreme aerodynamic loads. Carbon and G10 are used in high stress areas such as motor box support, landing gear mounting structure and fuselage longerons to provide enormous strength and durability. A true piece of carbon fiber art, the landing gear is airfoiled and has just enough "give" to cushion those not so perfect landings. The removable wing panels are mounted on a carbon fiber wing tube and are fastened to the fuselage with nylon thumbscrews. The large canopy (which is retained by a spring loaded hatch latch) has been moved forward to place the tallest portion of the aircraft at the center of gravity, resulting in the best knife edge performance of any aircraft we've flown to date. The airfoiled tail surfaces are built using a unique geodetic construction technique which allows the use of less material while creating a structure that is superior in strength and rigidity to typical ARF construction methods. All control surfaces are pushrod driven with short linkages and use ball links for slop free actuation with no binding. Optional Side Force Generators are included and add to the already generous side area, increasing yaw axis authority and adding stability in all angles of sideslip. Expertly painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants.
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